Photography editing ebook

How to Properly Edit Your Photos,
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Photo editing eBook cover How to edit photos like a pro

How to edit photos like a PRO

Learn and follow the workflow that will help you to master your images.

All important key facts, best settings, resolution, hints, tips to improve your photo
post-processing skills in one eBook!

cover professional photoshop editing services

Best Professional Photo Editing Services Review (2023 update)

If you’re a photographer who wants to address photo editing services but can’t choose a website among dozens of professional photo editing services for photographers, this review will be useful for you. Each professional photo editing services tries to surpass the competitors. Sometimes they offer a low price for the work, short turnaround or the stunning photo editing...

On-demand photo editing

On-demand photo editing: Empowering brands to create just-in-time content

The demand for timely and relevant visual content has surged, driven by consumers’ rapidly changing trends and preferences. To meet these expectations, businesses are turning to on-demand photo editing as a powerful solution to deliver captivating content with unprecedented speed and efficiency. In essence, on-demand image editing involves real-time adjustments and enhancements to photos. Rather than...

10 Secret Photoshop Photo Editing Tips for Beginners

10 Secret Photoshop Photo Editing Tips for Beginners

Have you ever attempted Photoshop editing your photos? Learn about Photo Editing Tips in this article to become familiar with some basic techniques to help you become an aspiring photographer. Adobe Photoshop is well-known for its advanced options and features that let professionals improve their photographs with a few retouches. For example, if the photo you...

Workspace lcd monitor How to Edit Product Image in Photoshop

How to Edit images for best Amazon Product in Photoshop

Because of human nature, an image in black and white or a vibrant color must always come after the text. Put off buying until they get a chance to inspect your products because prospective buyers want to. In other words, your items’ images need to be excellent if you want to stand out from the competitors, so...

reverse image search Google

Why reverse image search Google is important

The problem with it is: you can’t know what you are going to find when you do a reverse image search Google, because there are many millions of them already available. But it is still a hidden gem feature, just like the file sharing services to share large files online. So, how should we use it? Well, it...

Tips To Level Up Your Photography Business

3 Great Tips To Level Up Your Photography Business

You’ve bought your dream gear, chosen your ideal editing software, and are taking gorgeous photos that your clients adore. Despite your skills as a photographer, you may see photography business slow in January, or maybe you’re just not getting as many requests as you expected. Launching a creative business is one of the best feelings in the...

Image Processing blog article simpledits

Image Processing: 3 Best Crucial Things to Proceed with Digital Platform

Image processing systems are possibly one of the fastest evolving technologies in existence today. This is because the applications of image processing are virtually endless with critical applications in engineering and computer science. In fact, processing images has become such a key driver of daily operations that the capacity to process tons and tons of visual...

iPhone editing Photos with Instagram filters

How to Edit photos for Instagram best on iPhone like celebrities

If you want to get more likes and followers on social media, there are quick tips to enhance your images with filters before posting and Edit photos for Instagram. Let’s also try the TOP 3 selfie filters that celebrity loves. Today I will help one of the best image fashion stylists in Slovakia, and my friend...

9 essential Photo Editing Tips Simpledits

9 Essential Photo Editing Tips for Professionals

Taking a photo is only half of the photo-making process in today’s digital photography world. The other part involves using a photo editing program to digitally enhance the image. Almost every professional photograph you see on the internet has been tweaked digitally in some way.  We bring 9 Photo Editing Tips to create an unique atmosphere, the...

Pantone Colors Spring Summer 2022 png

Pantone colors, the great palette for Spring & Summer 2022

Pantone colors palette for Spring/Summer (2022) NYFW again brings to you amazing colors for your branding and artwork with the spring fresh breeze and positive energy. Each September we have the oportunity to choose the best colors from the color experts at Pantone LLC. With defined Top color swatches for 2022 top 12 PANTONE Fashion...