How happy my clients are:

Peter is the most inspiring, dependable, professional, friendly, and very competent Photo Editor and Image Manipulator. With his skills and knowledge I can learn the easy way how to reach the final state and format of my collages and images I've been working on. I am looking forward to learn from him something new soon!
Andrea ZieglerStylist & Fashion Couch
Peter's knowledge of colour and attention to detail was particularly effective and he played a key part in the work that was being produced. Peter worked for IBA Graphics for over three years during which time he proved himself to be a trustworthy, conscientious and hard working member of the team.
Guy HamiltonIBA Colourview, Director
I am not a newbie with Adobe Photoshop but despite that, this eBook has brought more light into what I do, why I do and how to do it better in proper way. For me the most interesting part was related to color profiles, dpi/ppi and of course sharpening, where correct approach is important while shooting portraits. If you take photography seriously, I can recommend you two things: To grab your camera, get out and catch the moment and to get better with this E-book to master your image post processing.
Michal Palkaphotographer, MPhotography
Peter has been helping and guiding me with professional photography editing and image manipulation since I started photography business. With his knowledge of photo editing and prepress preparation I am sure that all my work is produced in the best quality. I love his passion about photography editing.
Alenka EstokovaRIAL Studio, Photographer