Photography styles to make your photo look better

How to add great photo styles to your images and make them stand out from others.

Sometimes you are not sure what to do with your images. You can simply add a photography style that suits you the best. There are tons of filters, actions and presets that you can apply to your images. You always want to edit your image to make it look the best possible.

You make the crop with perfect composition, set the size and resolution. Many of these photo effects that you can use with different gradients, colours, elements, and adjustments are just abbreviations of these photography styles that you find here in this article.

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photo of London Bridge with 4 photography styles in stripes

Style No. 1 »
High Contrast Look

This photography style adds more drama to the scene of your photo. As you can see in the image of the London Tower bridge, natural look scene can be dramatically changed with High Contrast Look style.

photo of London Bridge with high contrast look photography style

This eye-catching cinematic look is best if used properly, for specifying objects and colours of the scene to make them stand out from the image. If you apply this style to your pictures it will always add that professional look that you search for.

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Style No. 2 »
Muted Look or Soft Haze effect

Just like the opposite of our first style, muted look eliminates the colours in the image.
It gives to the image unreal look and is used very often used for main blog or Facebook posts images to create that amazing dreamy feeling. It is perfect for images with text headlines inside because the image doesn’t disturb reading of the text.

photo of London Bridge with soft haze look photography style

It is perfect that you don’t need to insist on image quality here. This is great if you have grainy and noisy pictures, with great composition or atmosphere. But unlikely you can not use it for high contrast settings or large print photography from original photography file.

Style No. 3 »
Monochromatic look

This is very similar to the Soft haze effect. Setting your image to black & white colour will let you overlay it with any desired colour. As Mono means one, we can concentrate only on creating one colour image.

photo of London Bridge with monochromatic look photography style

If you wish to create the pure one colour image you can do so with the blending mode set to Colour value. It is suitable for white or negative text if there is enough contrasting colour used. To make the colour stand out you will need to set your image opacity low.

Style No. 4 »
Vintage or Retro look

This low contrast, faded, wash-out or aged style, that looks like old photographs, will always give you that sense of history. With this style come along all the great memories. Ordinary image or even boring photo will look more interesting. You can, of course, make your images look more interesting and make them look better with using composition rules. More info on Free eBook: 5 basic steps to create stunning images for LARGE PRINTS

photo of London Bridge with retro vintage look photography style

It is quite simple to apply the Retro look to your photos. Fade out black and fill in the white parts of the image. Then add a desired colour or gradient that you wish to overlay the image with. Or play with Hue/Saturation settings in your photo editing app.

Style No. 5 »
Colour Gradient style

In order to get a fading colour effect over your image, this is getting very popular lately. And to be honest it looks very nice.

photo of London Bridge with colour gradient look photography style

That is why you can see this effect used on my eBook or Blog images quite often. You can apply the colour effect in many angles from top to bottom or from left to right.


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