Photographer Insurance Guide: Why You Should Insure Your Camera Gear Or Equipment

So…. you may have decided to launch yourself into the interesting and artsy world of photography.

You wish to tell the world a story with your works of art and you want to establish yourself as a highly regarded photographer.

You desire to attract the public’s attention with your outstanding photographs, capture the raw emotions of the people of the world and showcase your hard work for all to see.

Who knows….maybe land yourself a position working for one of the top, glossy magazines in the country or a job freelancing for the well-known local newspaper!

Or maybe you are considering taking up a career in the photography world where you are not in the spotlight.

A job that revolves around the public photography sector such as working with those who require professional portraits to promote businesses or within the local schools taking snaps of the children, that parents can treasure forever. 

Either way to join the large industry of photographers you are going to need many essential pieces of equipment that allows you to pursue this career and showcase your work at its best.

Photographer Insurance Can Provide You With Reassurance

Breaking into the world of photography can be an extremely expensive endeavor. After all, the specialist equipment and gear you are going to require are not going to be cheap.

That’s why when deciding on a photography career, it is important to protect your assets and get your essential equipment insured. Many insurers can advise you on How to Buy Camera Equipment Insurance for Your Photography Gear, providing you with the reassurance that if any unfortunate events did happen, then you are fully covered.

Choosing to take out crucial insurance on the items that enable you to accomplish your dreams and life’s work is the smart move. Equipment insurance can cover everything from your prized camera, your business computer right to the lenses. 

After all, if any unforeseen events were to occur and your photography equipment was stolen or damaged in any way, then you can sleep easier at night knowing you have acquired the important back-up tool of insurance!

There are other various policies available such as public liability, studio cover, theft from a vehicle and cover for hired merchandise that you may require. Here is why it is incredibly imperative that you take out insurance cover on your valuable pieces of equipment.

It Can Cover You From Theft

Sometimes in life extremely unfortunate events can be thrown upon us and we can find ourselves becoming a victim of malicious crime. The world is full of criminals, it is sad, however, very true!

They prey upon the vulnerable, seeking to find ways to make an easy buck or two and what better way to do it than stealing some unlucky person’s expensive and valuable equipment, leaving their livelihood in tatters!

By taking out insurance on your photography equipment, you are ensuring you are covered if any terrible, unforeseen events do occur, which would put a hard stop on your career if they unfortunately did!

It Can Cover You For Damages Inflicted

Let’s face it we can all be clumsy at the best of times! All it takes is an attack of the butterfingers that can send our prized possessions crashing down, literally.

Accidents do happen and by getting your photography equipment covered you are saving yourself from a lot of unnecessary stress if you were to drop and damage your gear.

Equipment Insurance can cover you for any accidental damage incurred by yourself, making it much easier for you to carry on your life’s work if issues of damage did arise.

It Can Cover You For Breakdowns

You can guarantee that we have all possessed an item at some time in our lifetime that has worked like clockwork and we grew to rely upon it until our item is no longer under warranty.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere our device decides to have a total breakdown causing us ourselves to suffer a meltdown, that fills us with emotions of frustration and annoyance.

Equipment insurance can cover the breakdown of items that are no longer under guarantee and have decided to malfunction or shut down completely, offering lifesaving repairs or replacements to keep you at work. 

Photographer Insurance: It Can Cover Losses

We have all lost items that we cherished at least once in our lives. Sometimes due to a hectic, busy schedule, total forgetfulness or just plain irresponsibility. This results in waves of anger directed at ourselves, inciting blame and feeling like a total fool!

Equipment insurance can cover any accidental losses, saving you from a huge bill to replace lost items. However, you may need to pay an additional fee to include the cover of losses and incomplete careless circumstances, you are in danger of your claim not being paid out. So keep an eye on that precious gear!  

It Can Cover You For Severe Weather Conditions

Now we all know the weather can be extremely unpredictable. Even the weatherman can get it wrong sometimes! We can find ourselves on the perfect set of a spring wedding on a fine day, to suddenly be drenched by a torrential downpour which can be extremely frustrating, to say the least.

Now as a photographer in the world, you will not only suffer the immense frustration of failing to get that perfect spring snap but will also suffer significant and destructive damage to your precious equipment, resulting in a spanner thrown into the works and the stress of repairing or purchasing new gear.

Equipment insurance can cover every aspect you may suffer due to severe weather conditions, allowing you to continue to capture commitment milestones in your client’s lives.

By taking out equipment insurance on the vital gear you possess, you will be saving yourself from any potential future expenses if any events were to happen. Just make sure to take out insurance that includes the covers mentioned above. By doing so you will be completely covered for theft, accidental destruction or severe weather damage. 

Imagine having to shell out thousands for new equipment, it certainly would burn a hole in your bank account and you would kick yourself for not choosing the sensible option of covering your expensive merchandise in the first place!

Photography Insurance is the smart way to invest in your business to ensure you have a long, successful future in the photography industry without suffering any avoidable and unnecessary stress.

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