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If you’re a photographer who wants to address photo editing services but can’t choose a website among dozens of professional photo editing services for photographers, this review will be useful for you.

Each image editing service tries to surpass the competitors. Sometimes they offer a low price for the work, short turnaround or the stunning photo editing quality. Now we are to examine the most popular 10 photo editing services on the web and single out the best websites among them. If you didn’t find the service you need, check out other 25 Professional Photo Editing Services.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Photo Editing Services:

  • Quality. The service should perform its work as professional as possible so that the photographer did not have to finish anything himself after receiving the results.
  • Price is also no less important, as a high price should mean good quality, but as it turned out, this is not always a good result.
  • Speed. No client or photographer will wait a week for one photo. No one says that the work should be done within a couple of hours, but the basic image retouch should take no more than 2 days.
  • Web Content is the first thing a person sees when he/she visits a photo editing services site. If you open the website and it looks outdated or just very tasteless, think twice. These people are engaged in digital photography art, so they should have an artistic taste, and you’ll probably understand that everything else they do is of the same quality.


Image comparison retouched by FixThePhoto

Content. FixThePhoto is the first in all the lists of the photo editing services online, and I was sure about them even before I received the result of the work. The design of the FixThePhoto website is great. Everything is done perfectly. There is a large number of various examples. Besides, you’ll find an up-to-date and high-quality blog about retouching with advice for the photographers. You can use the store to choose many actions and presets. It is very easy to find all you need.

Price. There is a price list available, which contains everything you pay for. The FixThePhoto prices start from $2 to $10, and $20 for restoration. My photo cost $5.

Quality. Everything was done at the highest level. The stray hair was removed very naturally, and there wasn’t the harsh outline of the hair. They also have done great work with the skin, so that it looks very natural and smooth. Most of all I liked the work done with the jacket fabric – everything is even and beautiful.

Rating table of FixThePhoto editing service


Image comparison retouched by

Content. WeEdit.Photos photo editing services online have a great site, and there is no reason why someone cannot like it. There are a few dozen examples of photo retouching, which you can examine carefully and that have a full description of the actions taken. WeEdit.Photos’ video preview on the main page is excellent. They also have a wonderful blog about photo equipment, as well as tools for image retouching.

Price. Prices for WeEdit.Photos work are surprisingly low – $2-10 per photo. Below the price list, you can also read about all the operations that will be performed to your photo. The cost of the photo was $5.

Quality. The first two photo editing services are almost on the same level, although I liked the color correction of the previous service a little bit more. Still, WeEdit.Photos also did everything professionally. Most of all I like how they improved the jacket and evened the texture, especially in the right corner where there were too many folds. The stray hair enhancement is very good and quality.

Rating table of editing service


Image comparison retouched by Wedding retouching service

Content. Examining the Wedding-retouching site, you can immediately understand that this image retouch company is engaged in wedding image retouching, as everything is in the white tones. The main page is great. There isn’t too much text here in order not to pile up and create the impression of a boring site. There is a price list as well. Wedding-retouching has a wonderful portfolio where you can find before and after samples. The left panel is also worth noting, as it allows you to move to any page of the site at any time without having to scroll up.

Price. The prices are described in a simple and comprehensible way. There is the picture retouching at $2 and $10 as well. Similar to all wedding photo editing services they offer the packages for photo retouching because there is usually a huge number of wedding photos. There are 2 packages – $99 and $159. My photo was $5.

Quality. The quality is great. The skin looks very smooth and natural, the forehead seems to be slightly blurred, but everything else is done very well. The hair on the sides is removed in a natural way, and it looks neat. But what I like the most is the textile work. It’s not surprising, as Wedding-retouching is a wedding photography service. Such photo editing services are accustomed to perfecting the gorgeous dresses, which require hours of photo editing. I like how the collar looks, and the fabric seems very expensive and quality, especially the sleeve. It’s a very skilful work.


Image comparison retouched by High End Beauty Retouching

Content. HighEndBeautyRetouching is simple and easy to understand. On the main page, you can learn about the specialization of the service, which is mainly the magazine beauty retouching. But you can also place an order of any type of model retouching. Here you’ll find 4 types of retouching and 5 examples for each of them. All work samples are high quality, and therefore this should be enough for you to decide whether you want to cooperate with the company.

Price. Magazine image retouching is expensive in any photo editing service, so the lowest price here is $10, and the highest is $150, but you need it only if you want to print your photo in serious magazines or on billboards. My photo cost $10.

Quality. HighEndBeautyRetouching service had a creative approach to the photo retouching, and they took the firm hold of the task, unlike many other photo editing services online. As for the quality, there is nothing to complain about. Everything is good, smooth and professional. They decided to make a small vignette to add some drama to the photo. This is most noticeable in the low corners, especially in the left one, where the elbow and shoulder are almost in the shade now, but it looks quite interesting. Color correction of the skin and fabric is made perfectly, without oversaturation and too many colors.

Rating table of High End Beauty Retouching editing service


Image comparison retouched by Nuderetouching

Content. NudeRetouching site is very simple; everything is in dark colors with purple inlays. In fact, it is ideal for the specification of the site – the nude photos. There are a lot of high-quality examples of image retouching. There is also a blog, but as I understand, they stopped updating it as the last post was in February.

Price. Prices are very affordable – from $5 to $15 per photo. Just below, you will see everything that is included in this cost. I had to pay only $5 for my order.

Quality. NudeRetouching did amazing work on the skin of the model – it’s their strong point, after all. The color correction is far from perfect, but it is only with the red color. The fabric is also great, and the color and texture are chosen well too.

Rating table of Nuderetouching editing service


Image retouched by RetouchUp

Content. The first impression when I saw the RetouchUp website was – “a simple design, excellent examples of works, and small prices”. A bit ridiculous is that the photos on the main page have a lot of photo editing defects, but examples of photos are made perfectly, especially the basic photo retouching.

Price. The prices are very affordable with the highest price for photo post-processing of $10. The only exception is the price for photo restoration and it is always very high in any of the photo editing services. The lowest price is $2.5 but the image quality is pretty good. My order cost $5.

Quality. To be honest, RetouchUp is the average quality firm among all ten photo editing services on this list. They combined an excellent work with the skin and a poor work with everything else. The first thing you notice is too neat hair cutting on the right. It looks unnatural semicircular and too amateurish. Folds on the jacket are not corrected at all, nobody even touched them. The shadow of the hair on the neck is too much smoothed so that it looks like a bruise.

Rating table of RetouchUp editing service


Image comparison retouched by Tucia

Content. The Tucia’s website is simple, I would say too simple. They should add more details or start a blog. Otherwise, it looks completely empty. There are very few examples of photo retouching – about 20 in total, and, roughly speaking, 4 of them are decent and really good. The rest is very tasteless and outdated.

Price. As for prices, I have particular complaints. The Tucia’s pricing is calculated in credits. Have you met something similar in other professional photo editing services? One credit costs $8, and the prices are divided into 1 and 3 credits, that is, $8 and $24 is quite a big price on the market. My order cost $8.

Quality. It seems that except the skin, nothing has changed in the photo, especially the hair. There is a lot of stray hair, and nothing has been done to remove it. The color correction is performed badly enough, the jacket looks like green, the photo is dark, and the skin of the hand and neck looks very faded.

Rating table of Tucia editing service


Image comparison retouched by Photographersedit

Content. At first glance, PhotographersEdit looked very good. The design is very simple. Taking a closer look I realized that there are very few image retouching examples, and the available ones do not have an “after” photo. They cannot be zoomed in as well.

Price. There are no prices on the site, and it may seem that it’s an example of the free online photo editing services. If you look for PhotographersEdit’s price list, you’ll see only the inscription ‘Try for free’ instead of the prices. The manager refused to take the money for the image retouching, but later I found out that the price for my photo would be $5 if it were not the first test order.

Quality. When I saw this photo for the first time, I did not understand what had changed, except for the skin imperfections. As it turned out – the color correction of the original photo is even better. I noticed very bad backlighting of the lower teeth, and all the teeth have merged into one. The skin is very blurred, and the forehead is spotted.

Rating table of Photographersedit editing service


Image comparison retouched by Smartphotoeditors

Content. Looking at SmartphotoEditors, it seems like it’s a kind of product photo editing services, but the main page says “Fashion & Portraits” so I decided to address them as well. I found only 3 examples of works, and the site itself is designed horribly. There is a lot of text and tabs everywhere, so you need to spend some time to figure everything out. The most annoying thing is that there are prices everywhere and I did not understand what for.

Price. There some problems with the prices, as it has been said before because there are a lot of them and it’s not always clear how much you have to pay.

Quality. SmartphotoEditors’ guys like to play with the saturation, and they didn’t cope with it very well. As a result, I got a poor red-blue photograph. The skin on the face looks very red and unhealthy, the fingers are completely blue. The fabric of the jacket is not white at all, now it’s blue. The only thing done well is the image retouching of the face and the removal of the stray hair.

Rating table of Smartphotoeditors editing service


Image comparison retouched by Clippingpathindia

Content. I really did not like the design of ClippingpathIndia. It looks old and ugly. When you want to look at examples of the image retouching, you won’t be able to do it quickly. They are just piled up, and to find what you need, for example, portrait retouching, you have to look everywhere.

Price. There are plenty of prices on the site, and it’s not entirely clear what they are for.

Quality. When I received the photo for the first time, I saw that there was too much noise. They added too much sharpness and noise to the photo, and now you cannot look at it, as there is a grainy texture everywhere. On the forehead, you’ll see some spots, and it seems like it is crumpled. They worked well over the fabric of the jacket where it was not even, but where it was all right, strange strips became visible.

Rating table of Clippingpathindia editing service


Summing up

As we can see, the best photo editing services are the FixThePhoto and WeEdit.Photos. They firmly hold the leading positions, and they have confirmed their reputation in this experiment. The most interesting is that the prices of these photo editing and retouching services are very low in comparison with their less quality competitors.

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