Pets photography tutorial (A Beginner’s Guide to Photographing Your Pets)

In your eyes, your pets are the most adorable creatures in the world, so it’s only natural that you want to take photos of them to showcase their charms to your friends and family and improve your Pets photography skills. But your furry pals are tricky subjects, and more often than not, it can be quite tricky to get decent pictures.

Capturing the perfect shots is almost next to impossible, but here are some actionable tips that can help you take stellar snaps of your four-legged best friend.

Gather the right equipment for pets photography.

Just like with any shoot, photographing your pet won’t be as successful if you don’t have the right equipment in tow. Digital Trends highlights how you don’t need special gear to practice pet photography, but a speedlight or flash are nice-to-haves, especially if you’re shooting indoors. These two tools can help result in the photos looking sharp and well shot. What’s more, it’s also recommended that you gain access to a reliable photo editing software, so you can properly polish your snaps after your shoot.

Use a treat to get their attention.

Getting your pet to stay still is challenging, but a good trick would be to use a treat to grab their attention. Professional photographer Brittney Williams suggests that given how your pet’s attention span isn’t large, you need to find creative ways of engaging them, and using their favorite treats as bait can serve as an initial hook. But be sure to only go for treats that are dry and quick to eat, so you don’t risk your furry friend getting messy and potentially ruining your shoot.

Woman with camera and a dog for article Pets photography tutorial

Tinker with the camera settings.

If you’re really struggling to get your pet to stay still for a few snaps, it’s time to put your photography skills to the test. Instead of just waiting for an opportune moment to take a shot, fix the camera settings and increasing the shutter speed to accommodate your pet’s rowdy behavior. 
Begin with a shutter speed of 1/250 or 1/500, and adjust accordingly depending on the situation. That way, you’re less likely to end up with blurred photos that are difficult to edit later on due to your pet’s movement.

Pets photography: Take advantage of post-processing.

Speaking of editing, the best thing about pet photography — or any type of photography for that matter — is that you can have fun with it as much as you want. While it may be difficult to get your furry friends to stay still, you can always get creative with the post-processing. An article on dog doppelgangers by Gala Bingo states that owners and their furry friends may end up resembling one another after some time and you could use this fact as a fun photo shoot idea. You might laugh at the thought of it, but even psychologists have suggested that there is some truth to it. Fire up your favorite editing app and experiment with creative filters to come up with quirky edits. Doing so will result in some funny shots that will be great to look back at one day.

Plan a full-blown photoshoot.

You know how you and your family come together during special occasions, dress nicely, and snap formal photos? You can do that with your pet, too. You may even want to go all out and hire a professional photographer to help you out. As photo expert Peter Marwins pointed out, enlisting the help of a professional lets you enjoy a high level of creativity, proper preparation, experienced service, and unparalleled skill. There are photographers out there who are well-versed in pet photography, so it would be best to reach out to them first.

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