Photography editing ebook

How to Properly Edit Your Photos,
and Avoid Mistakes in photography post-production

(even  you don't know the workflow)

Photo editing eBook cover How to edit photos like a pro

How to edit photos like a PRO

Learn and follow the workflow that will help you to master your images.

All important key facts, best settings, resolution, hints, tips to improve your photo
post-processing skills in one eBook!

10 photography quotes that will inspire you

10 Photography Quotes that will inspire you

These 10 inspirational photography quotes will really got you think and make you a better photographer and image editor. Enjoy the reading. Best photographers not only take great photos and also have told us their experience with photography, it is always worthwhile to learn these experience by quotes. Enjoy. No. 1 – Henri Cartier – Bresson “Your first...

HEX and CMYK values of Pantone colors for Spring 2017 PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2017

HEX and CMYK values of TOP 10 Pantone colors for Spring 2017

We all do our best to create stunning images and artworks. Sometimes we are not sure which colors to use. Spring colors always bring that fresh feeling to us so we should use it to bring that spring breeze to our images. Each year in September the color experts from Pantone LLC, an X-Rite company announce its...

How to save the photo editing time in Primrose Yellow monochrome color of photography editor desktop Blog image

How to edit photos and save your time.

When we work with the files straight from our cameras, we sometimes forget, that selecting or even quick editing to our photos straight from a card or from an external source can double or triple required time for any operations we do with it. Firstly, if you plan to work with any data photos or videos on your...

Dubai city_from Burj Khalifa_instagram

How to edit photos and why to edit images for social sites?

There is always a question of time. Edit the photos or not before uploading to social? We sometimes try and make images to look better, nicer or stylish but without basic rules. Sometimes we just don’t edit photos at all. BUT.. No image editing can lead to many problems if you want to present yourself or sell your products. From...

Photo of a truck driving in the desert with text 5 important steps before printing out Large images Simpledits

How to enlarge images in 5 important steps

How to edit photos in 5 important steps before printing out Large images of your holiday photo. Secrets of an image editors workflow. Imagine that you can have your room filled with a Large printed poster or canvas of that amazing picture you took on the last vacation. Or you went with your friends outside the town and spotted that...