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How to edit images like a PRO


  • Learn How to Open & Analyze images
    Where and how to check image file size before processing. What is the best photo file format to edit the image. How to analyze the LARGE picture and minimal size recommendation. What resolution is the best for print. Which common defects you should avoid. Color space and profiles which are best for editing and for printing. What is the difference between bitmaps and vectors. Basic settings for monitor calibration.
  • How to Edit, Crop & Enhance photos
    What to look for in the picture quality. Why you want to avoid tilted horizons. Common image editing mistakes. Composition. How to crop images. Editing image and why to use adjustment layers if available. How to read Histogram and why use Levels. Difference between overexposed and underexposed photo. Basics of repairing photos. Which color temperature to use. Color balance and color cast optimization. How to use Saturation/Vibrancy. Use Black & White mode to create more artistic look. Most used 4 photography styles to make your image look better.
  • How to upscale and finish up images for Large prints
    Upscaling images and common up-sizing picture defects. 10% Photoshop enlargement method: myth or real help? Guided upscaling in Adobe Photoshop CC Secret of upscaling in Adobe Lightroom CC Finishing touches. Sharpening. Using unsharp mask. Smart sharpen. Sharpening with a High Pass filter Sharpening in Lab color space Cleaning up the image with retouching tools Adobe Photoshop retouching tools Cleaning up the image imperfections Example of Advanced image manipulation technique Exporting, saving & uploading Exporting to JPG. Pros and cons. Exporting to TIFF. Why is it better, what is against? Exporting to PDF. Do you use this trick to save the PDF final size? Sending images. Email, cloud or FTP? Why sending social media images for Large print isn’t good idea. Why image editing will give you more than nice time spent with editing?


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I like it very much. Really worth the money. I didn't know many things I should check before exporting my images..

Miroslav BeránekAmateur photographer

With this guide you will learn proper image editing and photography workflow.

Alena EstokovaPhotographer