How to Edit photos for Instagram best on iPhone like celebrities

If you want to get more likes and followers on social media, there are quick tips to enhance your images with filters before posting and Edit photos for Instagram. Let’s also try the TOP 3 selfie filters that celebrity loves.

Today I will help one of the best image fashion stylists in Slovakia, and my friend Andrea Ziegler, on Instagram as @zieglerka.

As she really cares about the photos that she posts, as we all do, and she wants to make it even better, she asked for a help.

She took the picture of herself in the car in a parking lot just before her new styling recommendation on the national TVs. Now how to make it perfect fast?

1. Edit exposure of your image.

Decide which exposure level you like or prefer. If you want a bright image or dark one before applying a filter.

iPhone editing Photos Exposure

Edit photos for Instagram. Image comparison to see diffrenece from Original photo vs Dark Exposured or Light exposured photo.

2. Enhance the Contrast in Photos app and save.

To add more contrast go to Light > Contrast.
Move fast to the first most visible line to add more Contrast.

iPhone editing Photos Contrast

Now lets see the difference between Original and enhanced Exposure and Contrast added the photo:

iPhone editing Photos added Contrast

You can edit your photo in Photos app with built-in filters, but let’s see the ones available on Instagram. When adding the image to Instagram, you have many filters available before posting.

3. Add Filters available in the Instagram app.

Instagram filters I recommend for selfies are

Lo-Fi, Ludwig, X-Pro II

iPhone editing Photos with Instagram filters

To catch the trends with celebrities, let’s see the

Top 3 Instagram Selfie filters that celebrities love

Valencia sun-kissed glow perfect for sunny days

Mayfair adding soft pink cast and focus the light to the middle of the photo

Walden washed out filter is great for smoothing imperfections with a blur

iPhone editing Photos with Instagram filters

Well, now you have picked the filter you like and have your images ready to post. It looks great, what do you think?
Just remember, using the right hashtags, will also help the other people, to see more of your photos.

Edit photos for Instagram even easier

I also recommend for you to see more in article from Julio Cardona A Home Beginner’s Guide to Photography for Social Media, where you can find Tips to Consider Before Taking Your Pictures and Step by step to take a nice photo. It is nice to find here which camera is better to use. If its a smartphone, Compact digital camera, Digital SLR, Mirrorless camera or Action camera.

Now feel free to share it on other social media as well, set it as your iPhone wallpaper or use it to show off your new found photography skills to your friends.

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