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5 essential photo editing steps in any photo editor.

Do you know how to edit photo in best quality?

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This free ebook will help you to analyze, prepare, edit, finish and export images not just for Large prints.

  • Save your precious time with simple advice.
  • Analyze properly the size and use right composition rules.
  • Edit and enhance with top used photo styles.
  • Upscale, clean up, retouch out the imperfections.
  • Export to right format and avoid uploading errors.


Analyze the BIG picture

Save the time with simple but usefull advice. Check the image and data size, incoming formats and types (bitmap, vector).

Basics of image editing

Check image composition, decide how to crop image, edit levels or curves slides, adjust contrast, color and saturation.

Tweak the photo!

See how to use tonal adjustments, creative photo effects, photography filters, color styles and add your feelings.

Up scale photo and finish up

Up-scale, check the quality of upsized picture, clean up, sharpen the image and add professional finishing touches.

Export and send images

Which image format is the best for your final art? How to send the files if your email can not send files over 10 MB.

Most answered questions

How to deal with photos

Do you check the image size before printing?

It is important to check the final product size (photo high quality prints, canvas, roll-ups,..). It is important to set image size at least to format A3 - 300 dpi, print measures 29.7 x 42.0 cm or 11.69 x 16.53 inches or 4,961 x 3,508 px

What is the best way to crop my images?

The best is to choose the right photo and apply these basic composition rules, which will help you to select the best part from your image. These are “Rule of Thirds”, Golden Ratio, Diagonal composition and Triangle composition.

Which photography styles to use, there are so many photo editing styles?

These 4 photography styles will help you to decide how to make your image look stunning: High Contrast Look, Muted Look or Soft Haze effect, Vintage/Retro effect, Monochromatic look. TIP: If you wish to make more interest not just on printed art, but on the social sites, use a style where one color dominates. Most of the interest gets the blue color.


Peter is the most inspiring, dependable, professional, friendly, and very competent Photo Editor and Image Manipulator. With his skills and knowledge I can learn the easy way how to reach the final state and format of my collages and images I've been working on. I am looking forward to learn from him something new soon!
Andrea ZieglerStylist & Fashion Couch
Peter's knowledge of colour and attention to detail was particularly effective and he played a key part in the work that was being produced. Peter worked for IBA Graphics for over three years during which time he proved himself to be a trustworthy, conscientious and hard working member of the team.
Guy HamiltonDirector, IBA Colourview
Peter has been helping and guiding me with professional photography editing and image manipulation since I started photography business. With his knowledge of photo editing and prepress preparation I am sure that all my work is produced in the best quality. I love his passion about photography editing.
Alenka EstokovaPhotographer, RIAL Studio

Preview pages from the eBook

Photo editing eBook contains 
in 5 chapters and 27 pages:

  • 1
    Analyze the Big picture
  • Analyze image and check the file size before processing.
  • Basic check of an image size.
  • Bitmaps vs. Vectors.
  • Analyze the Big picture
  • Image data size
  • Minimal size of the picture recommended
  • 2
    Edit Crop & Enhance
  • Common image editing mistakes and what to check out.
  • Crop your image with composition rules.
  • How to use Histogram and Levels?
  • Why to look in the Shadows, Midtones and Highlights?
  • When to be carefull with Saturation/Vibrancy?
  • Black & White images.
  • 3
    Tweak and create your style
  • Experiencing with Effects, Filters & Feelings.
  • 4 photography styles to make your image look better.
  • High Contrast Look.
  • Monochromatic look.
  • Muted Look or Soft Haze effect.
  • Vintage/Retro effect.
  • 4
    Upscale photo and make finishing touches
  • Common up-sizing pic defects.
  • How quality of original image affects final result?
  • Clean up the image.
  • What do we want to retouch from images?
  • Where to look for any imperfections in photo?
  • 5
    Export for print or online, save & upload
  • Exporting images to JPG.
  • Why is better to use JPG for your images?
  • What is against of using the JPG image format?
  • Sending images for Large prints.
  • When to send images over cloud storage services?
  • Why to avoid using social media images for your art?


Edit photos like a PRO


Photo editing eBook cover How to edit photos like a pro