How to Improve  Your Photos
without making photo editing MISTAKES

The secret tips included
that Pro Photographers dont't want you know

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Quick Preview of the Photo Editing eBook

Pro Tips

Who will find this eBook usefull?

  • photographers who need to quickly choose between lots of images in quality
  • phoro editors who needs to know how to prepare image right
  • retouchers who wants to save the time while editing photos
  • anyone if uses images for diferent size formats
  • all of those that can learn what impact can make the resolution on final image
  • why is it so importatnt to keep the Quality of the picture during the post-processing
  • Needs to use different color space and basic profiles
  • in need for perfect settings for monitor color calibration
  • create Amazing final prints in the Best Quality possible 

Who will find it boring..

  • a photographers that don't relly on image quality
  • for people that don't care to use composition rules and perfect crop.
  • for those that send photos as "RAW" as possible
  • who don't see for yourself benefits of quick use of Levels, Curves and Brightness
  • who doesn't want to see damaged image details of improper prepared photos
  • For those that don't bother with color temperature of the image
  • for whom it send images to clients or social media "as is"
  • anybody who don't care to edit images at all

What the readers say about ebook:

I'm not a newbie with Adobe Photoshop but despite that, this eBook has brought more light into what I do, why I do and how to do it better in proper way. For me the best part was related to color profiles, dpi/ppi and sharpening. I can recommend you this: Grab this E-book to master your image post processing.
Michal PalkaPhotographer
This eBook is just amazing guide and helped me a lot with improving my skills and knowledge on photography editing process. Just following the steps, while preparing the images for different purpose, saved me the time I used to spent on photo editing.
Andrea ZieglerStylist & Fashion Coach
This guide helped me with image preparation and photography fine postproduction. I was looking for easiest editing workflow, while busy working. Finaly I found in this book the settings and tips I need to post-proces my work efficiently with Highest Quality standard printouts that my clients love.
Alenka EštokWedding Photographer

Here You can find some of the topics
what is included in the eBook

How to Properly Analyze your images

  • Learn how you can quickly analyze image and check image file size before processing
  • Simple but very useful advice before you start using an image + Where to check for image size on PC or MAC
  • What is the difference in Bitmaps vs. Vectors.
    How you analyze the pictures
  • Recommended image data size with diferent formats
  • Minimal size in cm or inches of the picture that you want to use
  • Resolution and explanation of why is it so importatnt for you
  • Quality of the picture and most common defects that you need to avoid
  • Color space and basic profiles
  • Color modes for online and print
  • Fast look on Monitor calibration
  • Settings for monitor calibration

How you can Edit & Crop your photos

  • What you should check inside of the picture for quality
  • Which common image editing mistakes you should avoid
  • Learn to use composition rules. Crop your images like a Pro
  • Edit photos and use adjustment layers, if available
  • See for yourself how to use a Histogram and Levels
  • Learn how you can recover the image details of underexposed photo
  • How to edit and use contrast in photos
  • Check and edit a color temperature of your image
  • See how you can optimize the photo with Color balance or Hue & Saturation
  • Saturation or Vibrancy with enhancing colors
  • Give a photo more artistic look with B&W