SPECIALLY Created For Photographers, Photo Editors, Designers and Artworkers:

Learn How You Can

Edit Photos Professionally 

Discover advanced workflow in Photo Editing

And the best part: It works even if you are a complete newbie in Photo Editing.

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“Edit Photos Professionally” Toolkit 
IS NOT  a Course

  • It’s NOT a 38-hour photoediting course full of theory but lacking in action.
  • It’s NOT a 389-page little-known-but-accidentally-revealed-top-secrets photography class book
  • It’s NOT a pack of 💩💩💩 based on no (or very little) experience


What if photo organising, picture editing and using the key settings for images was as easy as following a professional photo editor (but without mistakes and failures)?
Just follow the sheets, even fill in the blanks with the settings that are working best for you and… Voila.

That is the “Edit Photos Professionally” Toolkit.

It’s a SET of sheets of exact photography preparation and photo editing rules. It consist detailed step-by-step guidance and accurate settings for each part of the workflow. Ready to use.

One Brilliant IDEA helped me build

The BEST Photography Editing Workflow

It was in 2010. My workflow was broken. I spent more time remembering how I did the editing and enhancing the images. Of course, I tried to fix it:

  • I changed the exposure settings and... Didn’t work!
  • I changed the image profile and... Didn’t work!
  • I made color tweaks on images... Didn’t work!
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Peter Marwins has helped
1000+ professional photographers, photo editors and designers

Then I found my SOLUTION...

I started to record and write down the steps I use and discused it with my collegues in Photography editing studio.

I discussed all the steps with Pro photographers that use day to day proved Photo Editing and preparation.

They didn’t see the difference untill...

The ONLY difference was in the workflow

Then I realized that…

...the REAL PROBLEM is to know

The BEST Photography Editing Workflow

Look. I am not the only person thinks so. 


There are tons of photographers and photo editors focused especially on image editing...

Back to the story...

Ok. I got it. I had to craete a better "saving time" workflow.

But I HATED (and still do) bad or lousy image editing. 

And trying to create a step by step guide that really helps is hard….. DAMN HARD!

Do you know what the most frustrating thing was when I had to create an image that is perfect in all specs?


A lot of images copied from a camera, card or a cloud into folder. Like these!

And that uncertainty of luck of time at me for a very long time.

many… MANY... LONG… HOURS!

Whispering to me: “Write….. write…. wwwrrriiite.”

Damn, it really stressed me out! I hated it so much. I KNEW I had to write, but didn’t know WHERE to start?

Know the feeling?

Terrible… Right?

But (luckily for me)...