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Important workflow key facts, best settings and resolution, tips and skills
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Photo editing eBook cover How to edit photos like a pro

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Peter Marwins
Photo editor & expert for Online & Print media.


Peter is the most inspiring, dependable, professional, friendly, and very competent Photo Editor and Image Manipulator. With his skills and knowledge I can learn the easy way how to reach the final state and format of my collages and images I've been working on. I am looking forward to learn from him something new soon!
Andrea ZieglerStylist & Fashion Couch
Peter's knowledge of colour and attention to detail was particularly effective and he played a key part in the work that was being produced. Peter worked for IBA Graphics for over three years during which time he proved himself to be a trustworthy, conscientious and hard working member of the team.
Guy HamiltonDirector, IBA Colourview
Peter has been helping and guiding me with professional photography editing and image manipulation since I started photography business. With his knowledge of photo editing and prepress preparation I am sure that all my work is produced in the best quality. I love his passion about photography editing.
Alenka EstokovaPhotographer, RIAL Studio

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  • 1
    How to properly analyse your Big picture
  • Learn how to quickly analyze image and check image file size before processing
  • Simple but useful advice before using an image
  • Where to check for image size on PC or MAC
  • What is the difference in Bitmaps vs. Vectors.
  • How to analyze the Big picture
  • Recommended image data size with diferent formats
  • Minimal size in cm or inches of the picture that we want to use
  • Resolution and explanation of why is it so importatnt
  • Quality of the picture and most common defects
  • Color space and basic profiles
  • Color modes for online and print
  • Fast look on Monitor calibration
  • Settings for monitor calibration
  • 2
    How you can Edit, Crop & Enhance your photos
  • What you should check inside of the picture for quality
  • Which common image editing mistakes you must avoid
  • Learn to use composition rules. Crop your images like a Pro
  • Edit photos and use adjustment layers, if available
  • See how to use a Histogram and Levels
  • Learn how you can recover the image details of underexposed photo
  • How to edit and use contrast in photos
  • Check and edit a color temperature of your image
  • See how you can optimize the photo with Color balance or Hue & Saturation
  • Why you need to be careful when using Saturation or Vibrancy with colors
  • Give to a photo more artistic look with B&W
  • 3
    See how to Tweak images, create and add your Style
  • How deep you can go with applying Effects, Filters & Feelings
  • 4 basic photography styles to make your image look better
  • High Contrast Look settings
  • How to use Muted Look or Soft Haze effect
  • Monochromatic look and how it needs to be done
  • Vintage/Retro effect on your photos
  • Secret TIP on photography styles
  • 4
    Upscale image and add finishing touches
  • Upsizing rules and resolution settings
  • 10% Photoshop enlargement: myth or real help?
  • Why is great to upscale your photos in Adobe Photoshop CC?
  • Upscale photos with hidden feature in Lightroom CC
  • Finishing touches. Sharpening in Photoshop
  • Using Unsharp mask filter in Adobe Photoshop
  • How to setup Smart sharpen filter to avoid adding more noise
  • Why sharpening with a High Pass filter isn't for every images
  • Secret of sharpening images.  How to partly avoid visible color’s edge
  • Cleaning up the image with retouching tools
  • What exactly do we want to retouch away and what to look for
  • Retouching tools in Adobe Photoshop
  • Cleaning up the image imperfections
  • 5
    Export, save & upload your images for final print
  • Exporting images to different picture format
  • Exporting your photo to JPG. What is its advantage and when is not good to use it
  • Exporting to TIFF. What is for and what is against
  • Exporting to PDF and how to save the image data
  • Image size exporting conclusion for your pictures
  • Sending images to a Print house
  • When and why to use cloud storage services
  • Why you need to be careful with using social media images for Large prints?