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The 5 Best Photo Editor Apps in 2018

The 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for 2018

A good Pro photo editor, that can also help you with finishing up and perfect upscaling of your images, is a real lifesaver. Choosing a photo editing software is very difficult. There are few photo editors that you can rely on when editing photos and will get the most from your pics.  To achieve best results in professional...

Photo of London bridge with text Photography styles to make your photo look better

Photography styles to make your photo look better

How to add great photo styles to your images and make them stand out from others. Sometimes you are not sure what to do with your images. You can simply add a photography style that suits you the best. There are tons of filters, actions and presets that you can apply to your images. You always want to edit...

10 photography quotes that will inspire you

10 Photography Quotes that will inspire you + Instagram PSD template to create your own.

 10 inspirational photography quotes that really make you a better photographer and image editor. Best photographers not only take great photos and also have told us their experience with photography, it is always worthwhile to learn these experience by quotes. Enjoy. No. 1 – Henri Cartier – Bresson “Your first 10 000 photographs are your worst.” No. 2...

Photo of a truck driving in the desert with text 5 important steps before printing out Large images

How to enlarge images in 5 important steps

How to edit photos in 5 important steps before printing out Large images of your holiday photo. Secrets of an image editors workflow. Imagine that you can have your room filled with a Large printed poster or canvas of that amazing picture you took on the last vacation. Or you went with your friends outside the town and spotted that...