Arriving to Colombo Airport in Negombo


Welcome to Sri Lanka!

We landed with David sleeping for the last 30 minutes while landing at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We walked by some electrical shops where you can buy even a fridge or washing machine.

I carried David to the passport control from the tunnel we stepped out from the plain. Many people were standing in few queues so I sat down holding him sleeping.

monitor seat screen of flight from Dubai to Sri LankaPassport control and visas in the Colombo airport
After a while that it seemed really slow I kindly asked the man from the airport staff if there is a way we could do it faster when David is sleeping.

He asked the policeman who was supervising the queues and he went to the passport controller to make a request for us. He waves the hand at me as he stopped the queue for us. We quickly went to the man he took our passport and checked that Jarka had written down wrong passport number for visas. He let us, me and David go, but Jarka had return back to the passport office to make it right.

I thought that she would pay again for the visas and expect her to come very late behind us.
I quickly went to pick up the luggage. A man from Porter Service offered me a help with his vest saying that he expects to be paid 100 rupees per bag for helping me to get the trolley and put the luggage there.

Our luggage was quite heavy so I needed to help him. But in few minutes Jarka came to us saying that she just needed to upgrade the passport number to visas and they let her go.

Colombo airport Sri Lanka money exchange

Money Exchange at the airport
1€|159 LKR/Rupees
1$|150 LKR/Rs
they charge no fees or commissions.

Lost Taxi driver
We walked to the waiting area where many drivers held tables with names but none of them was for us.

Jarka called the lady from the hotel that we were staying one night as she was informed that we are coming late a promised to send a driver. She confirmed that the driver is waiting for us. We walked out but didn't find anybody there as well.
As there is a security point that checks who is going inside of the waiting area I had to ask them to let me in the back and find our driver somehow. But again nobody for us so I went outside again to report status to Jarka.

Found taxi driver, night drive and first sight of tuk-tuk
But just on time I was walking out of the building and heading to my family, the driver approached us so we finally met. It was a very small Suzuki Alto taxi so I was thinking that we won't fit we all the luggage.

I was so wrong. I didn't expect three of us to fit on back seats and two bags to put on the front seat and all sorted so we could go. As we were leaving airport we saw our first tuk-tuk passing by. I might have a bit of ironic smile at the first time, but don't judge anything at first look.

This iconic machine was able later to take us all three in Hikkaduwa with the luggage from the train station to the hotel and then in really steep hills of Ella town safely and with no hesitation to and from the hotel.

Arriving at House of Esanya in Negombo
At 2 AM we arrived at the house where we booked the room for the short night stay. We were expected by Stephani, the owner. We quickly set up the morning arrangement and went to sleep, looking forward to the morning.