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20 years of photography editing.

To be the best, learn from the best.


Peter Simpledits

Expert for Online media
Author of the photo editing eBook
How to edit photos like a PRO

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How it all began ...


These days I can easily edit pictures from any source. It’s easy for me to decide which picture is appropriate and can be used for Large printing or any other sizes.

I really enjoy when my clients and friends are happy and amazed with the final pictures I’ve had edited or advised them for social media, websites, canvas or poster print with sizes over 40 inch/1 metre.


Image color grading photographer statue of Josip Pelikan in Celje, Slovenia

As an expert, I’ve been working for print and online media houses, advertising agencies, photographers, graphic designers, artists and many, many clients.

For 20 years I advise my clients how to do the right image editing, post-production and printing. With my knowledge, you won’t make a mistake with the final output before and after post-production.


My passion over 23 years is in photo editing. I am a professional image editor and retouching expert with a wide range of experience in photography and image manipulation. I have proven track record of retouching, scanning, image manipulation, photography and digital printing experience in the demanding fashion, photography and publishing industry.

Working and living some years outside of Slovakia lead me to many image editing experiences with European customers also in Vienna, Austria and London, England.

But it wasn't always like this.

It all started some day in 1987. I visited a friend of my father who worked for a print company. He was showing us a screen of a “modern CRT monitor” where he was digitally manipulating a scanned diapositive from a Heidelberg image scanner of the size of a smaller wardrobe.
I will never forget the moment when he was digitally duplicating a man on a horse in a red coat. I was so shocked and amazed at that moment.

Some months later I was deciding which middle school I should go to. The decision was easy. I just had to do some talent exams and proper colour vision check. All results were perfect, so I went to a school of printing with specialization on graphics and reproduction.

Since 1987 I drew a lot, worked with the photographic machine, scanning the transparent and printed arts using lithographic techniques and the film material.

In 1996 I first touched a professional Apple Computer called Quadra and the first time I met Photoshop and Scitex, the flatbed scanner for diapositive, photography and printed materials.


Years of scanning, retouching and colour correcting images led to a dream job in London in 2006. After a few months, I became a senior image editor in a company where we worked closely for publishing houses, advertising agencies and artist with the highest expectation of image and post-production printing quality. I even scanned photographs of my beloved music group Depeche Mode. Yeah!

Best time at work ever?

Retouched imge of a girl by a bad

6 years ago I was left without my dream job after 17 years of experience, specialization and career development. During one call in 2009 from my employer from London all happiness has changed in a few minutes. From success and dream job to the time, where I started to look for new work directions.

Then I moved back to Slovakia and found my "new cheese". If you know the book, Who Moved My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson, you know exactly what I mean. If not, I highly recommend you to read it. Here somewhere, I began to understand what was going on around me.


I started to learn how to program websites in HTML and CSS. During the first months since this big change I worked on my own on online projects and later I started to co-operate with other people online on programming new online projects. This time I mostly used Photoshop for online media preparation.

PANTONE color 16-4132 Little Boy Blue applied to image fisherman from Mirissa Sri Lanka

So when in the 2013 an offer to work for a large Slovak internet company came, I had decided very quickly. In addition to print and online processing of documents the production of web pages, I run into online advertising.

I started to learn effective use of PPC advertising and SEO campaigns to provide relevant traffic to our clients. How images and texts can attract new buyers and what should the advertising banners include in small image formats and short texts.

I am grateful that I was given this opportunity, and I learned everything I could and still learning. It is not only sales but also the use of images in direct online advertising. In 2014 I realized that the knowledge and experience that I have is not enough for me.

I was looking for other options for improvement. I bought my first online course. That was the first time I “met” people who are sharing their knowledge over the internet as well as in the offline world.


Photo of London bridge with text Photography styles to make your photo look better


I started to look at the life and online world completely different.

I found out how to smile again and why all that work I’ve done makes sense to me now. And how I can show you how to edit images and solve yours photo editing problems.

And this is why Simpledits.com project was born to show everybody who is interested in photography editing how to make right moves to avoid all the photo editing pitfalls.


My mission is to show you how to edit images, apply color swatches and achieve amazing photos simply, create beautiful images in the right quality and to avoid disappointment from finalised printed or online displayed images.


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